Pidge Fletching

In not a lavish building will we find God — though we may try…

For God is made of hands, hearts, and faces. Her church is built with each growing seed.

About the Artist

Pigeon is a birb who lives in the city of Pittsburgh with a cat named Soybean. They are a mystic, a ritualist, an anarchist, a witch, a kinkster, an artist, and a healer. The magic that they bring to ritual and community is a deep empathy, groundedness, and fluidity. They are drawn to the Reclaiming Witchcraft tradition because the ecstatic nature of rituals speaks to their deep need for experience over observation. 

Pigeon’s spiritual work is centered in reconnecting to their Catholic ancestry through heresy, sacred sexuality, art, and mutual aid. They use their knowledge and energy to facilitate workshops, plan rituals with Reclaiming Pittsburgh, and create art with Garlic Witch Zines. They are an activist, and a sex educator and are dedicated to the exploration of pleasure, spirituality, and liberation. In their spare time Pigeon likes to forage for mushrooms, identify plants,  and visit old churches. 

Pigeon’s art is centered in queer identity and the mystic experience and facilitated through trance work. Using painting, illustration, and the written word Pigeon explores their experiences with the divine. 

Divine Oracle Patches

Every piece in this series is dedicated to a deity and was made in sacred space. They are available via the Garlic Witch Zine Collective.


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